3 week itinerary to South America

Planning a trip to South America for three weeks?  Here's our suggested itinerary:  Week 1: - Start your South America adventure in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Explore the iconic sights like Christ the Redeemer statue and Copacabana Beach. - Head to Iguazu Falls, a breathtaking natural wonder on the border of Brazil and Argentina. - Spend a couple of days exploring Buenos Aires, Argentina's vibrant capital known for its tango, architecture, and food. Week 2 : - Fly to Cusco, Peru, and acclimatize to the altitude. - Visit Machu Picchu, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. - Explore the Sacred Valley, home to many Inca ruins and traditional villages. - Take a scenic train ride back to Cusco and explore the city's Incan and colonial heritage. Week 3: - Fly to Santiago, Chile, and explore the city's cultural attractions and nearby vineyards. - Head to Patagonia and visit Torres del Paine National Park for stunning landscapes and outdoor adve

On a budget in Paris?

Everyone loves a bargain, so check out these affordable areas to consider for budget accommodation in Paris:   1. Montmartre : Known for its artistic vibe and charming streets, Montmartre offers budget-friendly accommodations, especially in the northern part of the neighborhood. Plus, you'll have easy access to attractions like SacrĂ©-CƓur Basilica and the Moulin Rouge. 2. Belleville: This multicultural neighborhood in northeastern Paris offers a range of budget accommodations, including hostels and budget hotels. You'll find a vibrant atmosphere, ethnic restaurants, and street art. 3. Latin Quarter (5th arrondissement): While parts of the Latin Quarter can be touristy, you can find more affordable accommodations on the eastern edge, closer to the Jardin des Plantes. This area offers a lively atmosphere with cafes, bookshops, and student-friendly prices. 4. Marais (3rd and 4th arrondissements): While the Marais is known for its trendy shops and restaurants, you can still find

Will Virtual tours be the future of travel?

Virtual tours have certainly gained popularity, especially with advancements in technology and the increasing demand for remote experiences. While virtual tours won't replace physical travel entirely, they are likely to become an increasingly important part of the tourism industry and a valuable complement to traditional travel experiences. Here are a few reasons why virtual tours may play a significant role in the future:  1. Accessibility: Virtual tours make travel more accessible to people who may have limitations due to health, finances, or other constraints. They allow individuals to explore destinations and attractions from anywhere in the world, providing opportunities for those who may not be able to travel physically.  2. Convenience: Virtual tours offer convenience and flexibility, allowing people to explore destinations and attractions at their own pace and on their own schedule. This flexibility appeals to busy individuals, families, and professionals who may not have

Beautiful Barcelona

There are a million and one fun things to see and do in Spain's cool coastal city. From the Sagrada Familia, Park GĂŒell and the Picasso Museum to having a paddle at Barceloneta Beach. Barcelona welcomes its visitors with traditional tapas bars to Michelin-starred restaurants, MontjuĂŻc Park and luxury boutiques along Passeig de GrĂ cia.  It's not surprising this city is so popular.  Check out these tours! Sponsored link Driving the Trans-Siberian by  The Raven Brothers The Raven Brothers drive their old banger from the UK to Vladivostok in the Ultimate Road Trip across Russia.

TOP 10 USA Tours for 2024

 The USA is home to some of the world's most iconic cities, each with its own distinct character and attractions. From the historic landmarks of Washington, D.C., and the entertainment capital of Los Angeles to the river cruises of Chicago, there's no shortage of exciting urban destinations to explore. Let's start with Los Angeles. Los Angeles   You can't explore the USA without visiting Tinseltown. Rollerblade in Venice Beach, take a run through Griffith Park, hike to the Hollywood Sign or take a scenic drive along the Pacific Coast Highway. Stroll down Vine Street and see the famous hands on the Walk of Fame, see a show at the TCL Chinese Theatre, and the Walk of Fame, surf, play beach volleyball and eat delicious cusine from food trucks. Feel like a VIP down Rodeo Drive, pop into the eclectic shops on Melrose Avenue and vintage finds in Downtown L.A. Be inspired at the Getty Center. Enjoy a full day iconic sightseeing tour of Hollywood, and Beverly Hills. Be amazed o

The Raven Brothers' Trans-Siberian Adventure

Driving the Trans-Siberian The Raven Brothers drove Russia's new Trans-Siberian Highway eight years before it was completed. During the journey to Vladivostok, their beat-up saloon crashed through endless rivers and canyons. It has been quoted as the most epic Russia road trip adventure ever! Have you ever wanted to get into your car and just keep driving? To abandon routine and commitment in favor of adventure? That's precisely what The Raven Brothers decided to do while stacking boxes of frozen oven chips in a -30°C freezer. The UK travel writers, who were not petrol heads and knew nothing about internal combustion engines, started their rusted Ford Sierra Sapphire and headed east.  Not expecting to reach Poland, the pioneering brothers miraculously arrived in Vladivostok, Siberia, on the Sea of Japan. They had driven the entire length of the new Amur Highway before it was finished, which spans Russia and Siberia over a 6,200-mile stretch of cracked tarmac and potholes. They

Make it Scotland this's why!

Scotland is enchanting for a variety of reasons. Its breathtaking scenery, fascinating history, lively culture, and friendly people are just a few things that make it an alluring travel destination. Scotland has much to offer visitors, from the jaw-dropping Highlands to the energetic towns of Edinburgh and Glasgow. With tales of famous battles, old clans, and well-known icons like William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, the history of the nation is absolutely fascinating. Scotland's castles, such as Stirling Castle and Edinburgh Castle, are permanent reminders of the country's history. Feel the freedom of the great outdoors, hike in the Highlands, mountain bike in the Cairngorms, and search for the intriguing wildlife from stags to golden eagles. Dance to the traditional Scottish music at a ceilidh, fill your belly with haggis and whisky. Walk it off with a stroll along Edinburgh's Royal Mile. Whether you're a history buff, nature lover, foodie or adventure seeker, Scotla

7 Fun Tours in NYC

The BIG Apple, baby! Helicopter tours provide breathtaking panoramic views of New York City's most recognisable sights, such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, and Manhattan skyline. Fly like a bird over one of the top city's for 2024. See NYC from above while on foot by going to the top of the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty. Check out these unbeatable experiences.

Time for Rome!

Rome's cultural contributions are immense, including its architecture, art, literature, philosophy, and language (Latin). Iconic structures like the Colosseum, Pantheon, and Roman Forum still stand as testaments to its rich heritage.   Rome attracts millions of tourists each year who come to experience its history, culture, and cuisine. The city's archaeological sites, museums, and churches make it a top destination for travelers from around the globe. Check out these amazing tours and go back in time.

Yellowstone National Park Tour

Turkey Adventure with G Adventures: Coastlines & Cappadocia

Journey to the magical country of Turkey. Be amazed by its ancient history, with influences from the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans. Tuck into kebabs, mezes, baklava, and sip a Turkish tea or coffee while watching balloons at sunrise over Cappadocia or in the back streets of Istanbul. You'll be welcomed with open arms in an intriguing country located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. On this amazing G Adventures tour, you will visit the white cliffs and bright blue travertines (limestone pools) of Pammukkale. The thermal waters are famous for their healing properties since ancient times. Visitors can soak in the warm pools while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The water is believed to have various health benefits, particularly for skin and joint ailments. Explore palaces and the beautiful Blue Mosque in Istanbul. Visit the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia. From the ancient Roman streets of Ephesus to bustling bazaars, follow your curiosity and spend

Isla Mujeres Luxury Catamaran Sailing Adventure with Viator

Unleash your adventurous spirit with a sailing adventure to Islas Mujeres from Cancun. Feel the absolute freedom, as you enjoy a luxury day sailing on a catamaran in paradise. A close connection to nature, the sound of waves crashing against the hull, the beauty of the sea from gorgeous dawns and sunsets to dolphins cutting through the water beside you. Isla Mujeres Luxury Catamaran Sailing & Lunch and Open Bar Enjoy this amazing tour as you cruise down Cancun’s stunning Caribbean coastline, and stop to snorkel in the water. Enjoy an open bar and a gourmet lunch on your catamaran cruise. Visit the charming island of Isla Mujeres, and go by its must-see sights. Must be at least eight years old to go on this adventure. Hotel pickup and drop-off is included. Sail along the beautiful crystal-clear waters of Cancun’s Caribbean coastline on this half-day sailing adventure to Islas Mujeres. Get geared up and go snorkeling, then take a break to enjoy a gourmet lunch on boar

Spain & Portugal Tour with G Adventures

Let G Adventures take you on a journey to two paradise countries this summer. Are you seeking sunshine, culture and gastronomy? Look no further! Spain has a diverse culture that is hard to beat, with its influences from the Romans and the Moors, and Madrid, Spain's capital, a thriving city known for the Royal Palace and the Prado Museum. Barcelona's stunning architecture is mind-boggling, and not to be missed is the iconic Antoni Gaudí's Sagrada Familia. Spain is riddled with beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean and Atlantic shores, as well as picturesque landscapes dotted with ancient towns and vineyards. Hello, Portugal! With a long history of maritime exploration and colonisation, the capital, Lisbon, is a hilly city with breathtaking views of the Tagus River. Moorish and Manueline architecture flows throughout Alfama and Belém, while the neighbouring town of Sintra is well known for its lovely palaces and lush gardens. Portugal is renowned for its delectable s

Black Sea Circuit

Black Sea Circuit by The Raven Brothers The Black Sea is the inspiration for the myths like Jason and the Argonauts, Noah's Ark and the Amazons—a powerful female warrior tribe. Enticed by insatiable curiosity, The Raven Brothers set out on a mission to circumnavigate the ancient Black Sea that has been the epicentre of human civilization for thousands of years. In 2014, British travel writers, The Raven Brothers, set themselves the challenge of driving full circle around the Black Sea. Their journey took them through southern Ukraine and Russia, less than six months before the annexation of Crimea and the invasion of Donetsk. It is a region of the world that is currently a war zone, and their route for the time being is now impassable even to the most courageous traveller. Discover a fascinating account of their journey in the book 'Black Sea Circuit: Crimea & the Caucasus'. The brothers get up close and personal with the intriguing people who live in the six nations th

Andalucia Explored with Rough Guides TMT

Rough Guides Tailor-Made Tours (TMT) are more popular than ever, and there has been an increase in exciting Rough Guides tours to beautiful AndalucĂ­a. Situated in the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula, AndalucĂ­a is an idyllic haven for people yearning to be surrounded by unique architectural styles, sun-drenched resorts, hiking in the rugged hills and through olive groves. Be amazed by an abundance of historical landmarks and museums in the picturesque southern region of Spain.  AndalucĂ­a Explored Drive to the beautiful hilltop town of Ronda and visit Jerez de la Frontera, the capital of Andalucian horse culture. Enjoy the Sherry Triangle. Head to Seville and visit the  Museum of Flamenco, and explore The Alhambra and the old quarter in Granada. End the tour with a scenic drive to Malaga.   Starting at USD 2491 per adult / 9 days International flights not included. Local Experts  100% Tailor-Made  Click HERE  for more information about this tour.