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Framing Life. The Raven Brothers from the United Kingdom launch their open-air exhibition on the bustling streets of India. The NO RUSH photography exhibition is the combined work of twin brothers from the UK. 50 prints taken over 20 years crossed India at the beginning of the year (2024), displaying the vibrant tapestry of life as seen through the eyes of two talented photographers.  "This one-of-a-kind exhibition aims to transform the world's public spaces into a gallery wall," Chris Raven told reporters on Monday. Simon Raven, fraternal twin brother and fellow photographer, stated. "We believe that the exhibition 'No Rush' is unique in its depiction of life slowed down in a fast-paced world. Each of the 50 portraits contain a sense of calm, and we believe that when displayed together, these frozen moments have real power." Chris Raven added. "Si's concept of using locations in India as the backdrop for the exhibition sounded colourful and fun

Two comedy adventures by The Raven Brothers

Check out these two fantastic adventure books by The Raven Brothers. The Raven Brothers take you on a journey across our amazing planet, from the Arctic Circle to the Amazon rainforest.  Carnival Express: A Journey Across South America The Raven Brothers venture deep into the Pervian Amazon, with their grandiose plan to travel overland following the mighty Trans-Oceanic Highway that unites the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of South America. Hike Drive Stayin' Alive: 10 Stories of Adventure Walking, Driving, Surviving: Ten Adventure Stories by The Raven Brothers. Despite all obstacles, the unprepared duo embark on ten quests to reach their dream destinations. Given that the authors of Driving the Trans-Siberian  have spent twenty years discovering new routes around the globe, they ought to be skilled explorers with a sixth sense and the capacity to survive in almost any situation. Think again! Using rivers, paved roads and hiking trails, the hapless brothers stumble across three conti

THE NO RUSH Photography exhibition by The Raven Brothers Live in India

The Raven Brothers' NO RUSH photography exhibition was live and on the move across India at the beginning of 2024. If you missed this unique online event, here are a selection of the prints that were on display in locations across the Indian subcontinent. 

Must-read books about the Black Sea

The Danube A Journey Upriver from the Black Sea to the Black Forest   by Nick Thorpe The author takes us on a surreal journey up the Danube, where we encounter an incredible and strange world. The majestic Danube flows through and alongside ten central European countries: Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, and Germany.  Nick Thorpe embarks on an inspiring year-long journey that will provide him with a new perspective on Europe today by traveling the entire length of the river from east to west, against the flow. Thorpe's account is intimate, conversational, funny, direct, and unmistakably observant—everything a reader expects from great travel writing. Thorpe takes daily morning swims in the Danube, immersing himself in the histories of the lands connected by the river. He observes the river's ecological conditions, some of which are depressing and some of which are hopeful, and comes across archaeological remains that speak of hum

Road Trip along the Georgian Military Highway.

Orthodox church on the Georgian Military Highway. Photo © Chris Raven The Raven Brothers give an intriguing account of their road trip along the Georgian Military Highway.  by The Raven Brothers  The Georgian Military Highway winds through the Dariali Gorge, also known as the "Gate of the Alans." It is dusty and unpaved. Si squeezes past a truck from Azerbaijan on a narrow shelf beneath a 1,800-metre vertical granite wall, pumped up on adrenaline. I try not to think about rocks smashing through the windows or a landslide that could potentially push us into the steep valley below. A griffon vulture flies low overhead. This is a dramatic and ancient trade route, and considered one of the most beautiful places in the Caucasus, inspiring both Lermontov and Pushkin, but right now this is far from the "passion and possibility", as Lermontov once romantically described. A stone hits the driver's window, but thankfully there is no damage. Si does well to battle against

Vani & The Search for Jason and the Argonauts

The picturesque Georgian countryside near Vani. Photo by Samosir Books  The Raven Brothers travelled deep into the heartland of Georgia’s ancient kingdom of Colchis to explore the ruins of Vani. By The Raven Brothers  The ancient city of Vani in the spiritual heartland of the kingdom of Colchis, is in a region of Georgia shrouded by myth and legend. It is thought to be Jason and the Argonauts' final destination on their quest for the Golden Fleece. During the classical period, the mythological story of Jason first appeared in various literary works in Greece and Rome. Jason, a prince of Thessaly, is challenged by his uncle Pelias to sail to the land of Colchis on the Black Sea's eastern shores in the Greek epic poem 'Argonautica' by Apollonius Rhodius. His task was to find the Golden Fleece, a symbol of authority and kingship. Jason, according to legend, had a special ship called the Argo built to transport him and 49 Greek rowers known as the Argonauts to Greece. The A