Where Can I Drink a Coffee in Mexico City?

Mexico City is a bustling city that combines a fascinating past with contemporary charm. It is also a coffee lover's dream come true. The city has several locations where you may enjoy the ideal cup of coffee thanks to its deeply ingrained coffee culture and an ever-increasing number of speciality coffee shops. Whether you're a guest or a local, checking out these cafes will satisfy your need for caffeine and offer you a flavour of the distinct atmosphere of the city.

Check out 6 of Mexico City's greatest spots to get coffee.

1. Café de Tacuba

Located in the heart of the Centro Histórico, Café de Tacuba is more than just a coffee shop; it’s a historic landmark. Established in 1912, this cafe offers a glimpse into the past with its elegant colonial decor, traditional Mexican dishes, and, of course, excellent coffee. 

What to Try: The Café de Olla, a traditional Mexican coffee brewed with cinnamon and piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar), served in a clay pot.

Ambiance: With its hand-painted tiles, murals, and stained glass, the setting is as much a part of the experience as the coffee itself.

Location: Calle de Tacuba 28, Centro Histórico.

2. Café Avellaneda

Artisanal Excellence in Coyoacán

In the charming neighbourhood of Coyoacán, Café Avellaneda stands out for its dedication to artisanal coffee. This small but mighty café is run by a team of passionate baristas who focus on brewing the perfect cup, whether it’s a simple espresso or a complex pour-over.

What to Try: Their expertly crafted espresso or the seasonal specialties that showcase local coffee beans.

Ambiance: Cosy and intimate, with a focus on the coffee-making process. Perfect for coffee aficionados who appreciate craftsmanship.

Location: Higuera 40-A, Coyoacán.

3. Panadería Rosetta

A Blend of Bakery and Coffee Heaven

Panadería Rosetta, an offshoot of the renowned Rosetta restaurant, combines the best of baking and coffee. Located in the trendy Roma Norte district, this bakery offers an array of delicious pastries alongside top-notch coffee.

What to Try: A freshly baked croissant or a pan de muerto (during Day of the Dead season) paired with a cappuccino.

Ambiance: Rustic and warm, with a delightful aroma of fresh bread that perfectly complements your coffee.

Location: Colima 179, Roma Norte.

4. Chiquitito Café

Modern Vibes in Condesa

Chiquitito Café, nestled in the hip Condesa neighbourhood, is known for its modern take on coffee. This café focuses on high-quality beans and innovative brewing methods, making it a favorite among the city's coffee enthusiasts.

What to Try: Their cold brew or a flat white, both showcasing their commitment to quality.

Ambiance: Minimalist and bright, with a relaxed vibe that’s perfect for catching up with friends or working on your laptop.

Location: Alfonso Reyes 232, Condesa.

5. Lalo!

Brunch and Coffee Delight

Lalo! is a popular spot in Roma Norte where you can enjoy a fantastic brunch alongside your coffee. The cafe's lively atmosphere and eclectic decor make it a great place to start your day with a hearty meal and a robust cup of coffee.

What to Try: A latte or a cortado, paired with their famous French toast or chilaquiles.

Ambiance: Bright and bustling, with communal tables and an open kitchen that add to the energetic vibe.

Location: Zacatecas 173, Roma Norte.

6. Café Nin

A Cozy Hideaway in Juárez

Café Nin, located in the Juárez neighbourhood, offers a cosy retreat with a focus on both quality coffee and food. Part of the group behind Rosetta, this café brings the same dedication to excellence in a more intimate setting.

What to Try: Their signature blend coffee or a specialty latte, accompanied by a slice of their delicious cake.

Ambiance: Chic and comfortable, with a European-inspired decor that invites you to linger.

Location: Havre 73, Juárez.


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