A South America Adventure

The vibrant continent of South America is well-known for its varied landscapes, extensive cultural legacy, and dynamic ecosystems. From the frozen regions of Patagonia to the steaming Amazon rainforest, South America is made up of nations with unique cultures, languages, and identities. Its vast river networks, majestic cities that evoke the spirit of its colonial past and indigenous heritage, and towering Andean peaks all call this place home. Countries like Brazil, with its iconic Rio Carnival and Amazon River, and Peru, with the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, highlight the continent’s blend of natural wonders and historical treasures. 

Enter The Raven Brothers....

These intrepid adventurers, with a lust for exploring the unique, head to South America and set out on a witty overland journey along the Trans-Oceanic Highway from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast. The brothers' memoir "Carnival Express" follows the duo as they pioneer a new frontier over the Andes and through the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. The bizarre and the beautiful cross their dusty path as they seek inspiration for a new book and go in search of the ultimate carnival. Not always getting it right, the brothers lose themselves in the mysterious world of the Inca Empire, swim with caiman in the Madre de Dios, experience panic in the Pantanal, The Rolling Stones in Rio and conclude their journey in Olinda at the carnival of the soul.

The Raven Brothers are well renowned for their captivating narratives and capacity to encapsulate the spirit of the locations they visit. "Living the Linger" and "Driving the Trans-Siberian," two of their earlier works, have received recognition for their realistic and vivid depictions of travel experiences.

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