Scandinavia Explorer with Intrepid | A Journey Through Norway, Sweden and Finland

Scandinavia, the region in northern Europe that consists of Sweden, Finland, and Norway, offers an enthralling blend of dynamic cities, stunning natural scenery, extensive historical sites, and distinctive cultural experiences. A trip through these three nations promises a varied and unique experience, with sights from the striking fjords of Norway to the urban streets of Stockholm and the untamed, secluded beauty of Swedish Lakes.

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Scandinavia Explorer

15 Days | Tour Scandinavia on a trip through Norway, Sweden and Finland

Tour Scandinavia and discover the many charms and delights on this two-week adventure through Norway, Sweden and Finland. Travel through some of Europe's most stylish capitals and be wowed by some of the world's biggest fjords. Visit Norway's uber-cool Oslo, travel to Sweden's vibrant Stockholm and explore Finland's hip Helsinki. Along the way, uncover a Viking past, learn of maritime heritage and get swept up in Olympic fever and embrace the Swedish “lagom” lifestyle away from hustle and bustle in the idyllic countryside. Whether it's walking along charming streets in Bergen or sailing through vast fjords, you'll undoubtedly be left with a multitude of memories from this once-in-a-lifetime Scandinavian adventure.

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