Quirky Hotels in New Orleans: Embrace the Eccentric Charm of the Crescent City

New Orleans is a city that understands how to celebrate individualism, as evidenced by its thriving music industry, extensive history, and diverse culture. This particular vibe carries over to its lodgings, where eccentric and unique hotels provide visitors with an experience that's truly unique. Whether you’re drawn to historical elegance, modern flair, or supernatural thrills, there’s a quirky hotel in New Orleans that’s sure to make your stay memorable. So pack your bags, let the good times roll, and get ready to discover the delightful oddities of the Crescent City.

These are a few of the most interesting and unusual hotels that New Orleans has to offer if you're thinking about visiting the Big Easy and want to stay somewhere as distinctive as the city itself.

The Hotel Peter and Paul

The Hotel Peter and Paul, tucked away in the Marigny district, is a fascinating fusion of art and history. Restored 19th-century Catholic church, schoolhouse, rectory, and convent are now home to this boutique hotel. Every property has been painstakingly converted into a distinctive place to stay, maintaining its old world charm while incorporating contemporary conveniences. The design creates a timeless yet modern environment with its lovely blend of unique artwork, old furniture, and custom accents. While taking in the rich history of this legendary house, guests can relax in the calm courtyard, stylish bar and intimate coffee shop.

The Columns Hotel

The Columns Hotel is a Victorian palace on historic St. Charles Avenue that provides a window into New Orleans's rich past. This opulent hotel, which dates back to 1883, has original woodwork, stained glass, and antique furnishings that take visitors on a historical tour. Every room has a distinct décor that captures the essence and allure of the time period. A well-liked veranda bar at The Columns is another attraction. Here, patrons can enjoy traditional cocktails while taking in views of St. Charles Avenue streetcars. For those who value classic elegance combined with Southern warmth, this hotel is ideal.

The Drifter Hotel

For a more modern and unconventional stay, The Drifter Hotel on Tulane Avenue is a mid-century marvel with a contemporary twist. This retro-chic hotel embraces a minimalist aesthetic, with sleek furnishings, bold colours, and a playful vibe. The outdoor pool area is a highlight, featuring a lively bar, colourful murals, and even a disco ball. The Drifter often hosts events like live music, art shows, and pool parties, making it a hotspot for socializing and soaking up the local culture. It’s an ideal choice for visitors seeking a trendy and vibrant atmosphere.

The Haunted Hotel

A trip to The Haunted Hotel in New Orleans wouldn't be complete without experiencing the paranormal. This hotel, which is located in the French Quarter, is said to be among the most haunted in the entire city. The building, which was constructed in the 1820s, has a fascinating history that includes reports of paranormal activity and ghostly apparitions. Despite its eerie reputation, or maybe even because of it, The Haunted Hotel is a cosy and pleasant place to stay. Visitors can take a tour of the historic site, listen to staff ghost stories, and maybe even come across a ghost or two. Fans of the paranormal and thrill-seekers will love it.

The Catahoula Hotel

Blending Peruvian flair with New Orleans charm, The Catahoula Hotel is a boutique gem located in the Central Business District. This intimate hotel features only 35 rooms, each designed with a minimalist approach that highlights natural materials and local craftsmanship. The rooftop terrace is a standout, offering stunning views of the city skyline and a cozy spot to enjoy a cocktail. The on-site Pisco Bar serves up a variety of South American-inspired drinks, adding a unique twist to the New Orleans cocktail scene. The Catahoula’s blend of cultures and stylish design make it a truly unique place to stay.

Royal Street Inn and R Bar

For those looking to stay in the heart of the French Quarter, the Royal Street Inn and R Bar offers a unique combination of lodging and nightlife. This quirky hotel is located above the R Bar, a popular local dive with a relaxed, bohemian vibe. The rooms are spacious and creatively decorated, each with its own distinctive theme and eclectic furnishings. Guests can enjoy the lively atmosphere of the bar downstairs, complete with live music and a welcoming crowd, before retreating to their cozy quarters upstairs. It’s an excellent choice for travelers who want to immerse themselves in the local scene. 

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