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Visiting the national parks of Utah and Arizona is the best way to fully appreciate the truly incredible scenery in the American Southwest. Some of the most magnificent natural vistas on Earth are found in these parks, from the imposing red rock formations to the enormous canyons and distinctive geological structures. This region presents countless chances for adventure and wonder, whether you're trekking among the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon, taking in the grandeur of the Grand Canyon, or exploring the iconic rock structures in the Monument National Park.

Utah's first national park, Zion National Park, is home to the state's iconic sandstone cliffs, Virgin River, Angels Landing, and The Narrows. It's a nature lover's and hiker's delight. The most well-known trail in the park, Angels Landing, provides rewarded panoramic vistas after a strenuous climb. The Riverside Walk offers a leisurely journey alongside the Virgin River, resulting in the Narrows, where you can trek through the river itself, for a more laid-back experience.

Utah's Bryce Canyon National Park: Discover the Navajo Loop Trail, Sunset Point, Bryce Amphitheatre, and the hoodoos. It is well known for the towering, slender granite spires that rise majestically from the canyon bottom. A well-liked hiking route that leads directly into the centre of these formations is the Navajo Loop Trail. For a less physically demanding exercise, overlooks such as Sunset Point provide breathtaking views of the Bryce Amphitheatre, particularly at sunrise and sunset.

Arizona's Monument Valley on the border with Utah: A famous representation of the American West, Monument Valley is located on the border between Arizona and Utah. Numerous films and television programmes have highlighted its red sandstone mesas and buttes. With Navajo interpreters offering access to forbidden regions and cultural insights, a guided tour is the ideal way to see Monument Valley.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona: South Rim, Bright Angel Trail, North Rim, Grand Canyon Village. There is no need to introduce the Grand Canyon, because of its unsurpassed size and splendour. The park's most popular area, the South Rim, has a lot of vistas, hiking paths, and visitor services. The less visited North Rim offers a more serene experience, while the Bright Angel Trail allows visitors to see the canyon from below. Grand Canyon Village is a hive of activity with resorts, museums, and historic structures.

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Best of Utah & Arizona National Parks

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