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Andalucía, Spain's sun-drenched southern region, is well-known for its lively cities and charming beaches, but some of the most fascinating locations can be explored in Andalucía's off-the-beaten track interior. This excursion passes through the unique landscapes of Guadix and Gorafe Desert Park, the mediaeval cities of Úbeda and Baeza, and the natural beauty of Cazorla and Castril. 

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Andalucía Interior Adventure

- (10 Days)

- A guided small group tour of the Andalucian Interior includes; Antequera (El Torcal National Park), Jaén, Unesco towns of Úbeda & Baeza. Cazorla (National Park), Castril, Guadix & Gorafe Desert Park.

- Guided small group tour.

- Car Hire, room bookings and city sights organised and planned by E.T.G Tours.

Here are the amazing places you'll visit:

Úbeda: A Renaissance Jewel

Commence your trip in Úbeda, a UNESCO World Heritage site well-known for its Renaissance buildings. Take a stroll around the Sacra Capilla del Salvador, a magnificent specimen of Spanish Renaissance art, located in the Plaza Vázquez de Molina. The town's ancient appeal is enhanced by the Palacio de las Cadenas and the Santa María de los Reales Alcázares. Discover the rich history and lively local culture by meandering through its narrow lanes that are adorned with artisan stores and olive orchards.

Baeza: Historical and Educational Hub

Just a short drive from Úbeda lies Baeza, another UNESCO World Heritage site. Known for its well-preserved medieval and Renaissance buildings, Baeza offers a glimpse into Spain's past. Visit the Cathedral of Baeza, a masterpiece of Gothic and Renaissance styles, and the Jabalquinto Palace with its intricate Plateresque façade. The University of Baeza, one of the oldest in Spain, adds an academic flavor to the town, making it a hub of historical and educational significance.

Cazorla: Gateway to Natural Beauty

Explore the largest protected area in Spain, the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura, and Las Villas Natural Park. This magnificent marvel is accessible through the town of Cazorla. Savour trekking paths that take you past verdant waterfalls, imposing canyons, and lush forests. Situated on a hill, the Castillo de la Yedra provides expansive views of the surroundings. Cazorla is a paradise for outdoor recreation and wildlife observation for nature lovers.

Castril: Tranquility Amidst Nature

A tranquil haven for those who enjoy the outdoors, Castril is located within the Sierra de Castril Natural Park. With its glistening waters, the Castril River flows through the town, offering a calm environment for strolls. Discover the striking Peña de Castril rock structure and the neighbouring cave houses that provide an insight into the region's prehistoric past. With its varied vegetation and wildlife, as well as its peaceful atmosphere, Castril is a great place to unwind and explore the natural world.

Guadix: Cave Dwellings and Historical Charm

Visit the village of Guadix, which is well-known for its cave dwellings, where residents still reside in houses carved out of the slopes. Because of their inherent insulation, these unusual homes are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. See the Alcazaba, an old Moorish fortification with expansive views of the town, and the Cathedral of Guadix, a blend of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles. Guadix is an interesting stop on your itinerary because of its unique blend of historical architecture and modern living.

Gorafe Desert Park: A Martian Landscape

End your journey at the Gorafe Desert Park, a starkly beautiful area known for its otherworldly landscapes and ancient megaliths. The desert park features striking geological formations, including badlands and gullies, creating a Martian-like terrain. Explore the Gorafe Megalithic Park, home to over 240 dolmens dating back to the Neolithic era. The combination of natural beauty and archaeological significance makes Gorafe a unique and memorable destination.

From the architectural marvels of Úbeda and Baeza to the natural wonders of Castril and Cazorla, and the distinctive landscapes of Guadix and Gorafe Desert Park, a trip of Andalucía's interior offers a varied and enriching experience. Andalucía's rich cultural and natural legacy is reflected in each destination's own charm and character. Set out on this adventure to uncover the undiscovered beauties of southern Spain, where tradition, environment, and history all coexist in perfect harmony.

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