An Adventure Through Sicily with G Adventures

Sicily, the biggest island in the Mediterranean, offers a fascinating mix of cultures, natural scenery and ancient artefacts. Located at the meeting point of Europe and Africa, this beautiful island has been influenced by numerous civilizations, resulting in a diverse array of customs, buildings, and culinary specialties. With its sun-kissed beaches, historic ruins, and energetic cities, Sicily has a lot to offer travellers from all over the world. Whether exploring the bustling streets of Palermo, wandering through the ancient temples of Agrigento, or swimming in the sea in Taormina, visitors to Sicily are sure to be enchanted by its diverse charms and timeless allure. 

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Highlights of Sicily

14 days, Palermo to Palermo

£1987 was £2839

Sun, 30 Jun - Sat, 13 Jul

Did you wish upon a star? Because this two-week adventure through Sicily’s north and south coasts is absolutely a dream come true. You’ll stroll through the seaside city of Cefalù, get immersed in the postcard-worthy scenery of the Aeolian Islands, and spot breathtaking volcanoes along the way. But oh no, the fun doesn’t stop here. You’ll then continue further south for a Sicilian cooking class, storied medieval villages, sunny seaside towns, and non-stop Italian history and culture. If this sounds like the Sicilian adventure you’ve always dreamed of, well, you’re 100% right.

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