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Don't miss this truly unique travel experience to the Galápagos Islands, a living museum and showcase of evolution. Exploring the South and East islands aboard the Yolita, a well-appointed motor yacht, combines comfort with an intimate connection to the natural wonders of this archipelago.

A voyage aboard the Yolita to the South and East islands of the Galápagos is a journey into one of the most pristine and biodiverse places on Earth. With its comfortable accommodations, expert guides, and carefully curated itinerary, the Yolita offers an unforgettable adventure that highlights the natural beauty and unique wildlife of the Galápagos. Whether snorkelling with sea lions, hiking among ancient tortoises, or simply soaking in the breathtaking views, this trip promises a truly transformative experience.

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Galápagos — South & East Islands aboard the Yolita

7 days, Quito to Quito

The Yolita will take you on a four-night journey cruising through the Galápagos Islands that you won’t soon forget. The southern and eastern islands play host to some of the best snorkelling spots within the Galápagos, including Islote Champion and Gardner Bay, where you will see some of the most diverse and impressive marine life around. Relax on the white-sand beaches with iguanas and sea lions, then head to Punta Pitt in search of three distinct species of booby. Don’t forget to drop off a postcard at Post Office Bay before you go, too!

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